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Implementation Services


Building Blocks群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP Model Company comes with the following building blocks:
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Image of a gears, representing the preconfigured or custom SAP Model Company

Prepackaged or assemble-to-order solutions群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Gain?all the applications, customization settings, and sample data you need in a prepackaged, ready-to-use, comprehensive reference solution for a specific industry or line of business, or use combinations of SAP Model Company offerings in an assemble-to-order approach to a custom edition.

Image of data point connections

Market standard content群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Access localized, preconfigured content in SAP Model Company that encompasses experience and expertise in your industry or line of business, including workflows, reports, business process hierarchies, end-to-end?scenarios, process diagrams, roles, and more.

Image of a speedometer, representing the acceleration of your implementation with SAP Model Company


Quickly?implement and run your applications with help from our accelerators, including?configuration and how-to guides, test and demo scripts, project plans and data migration templates.

Image of people, representing the services available through SAP Model Company


Jump-start?solution discovery, preparation, exploration, and realization with a range of?services, including hand-over and enablement workshops.

Image of two hands shaking

Global partner framework群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP’s global system integration partners can integrate with?their business and technical content and deployment accelerators.

Image of an atom

Intelligent technologies innovation群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP Model Company services now?deliver next-practices including innovations with intelligent technologies embedded?throughout industries and a cloud connector analytics layer.?

Get started with SAP Model Company services, assembled to your needs群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Choose a SAP Model Company service to help accelerate your deployment and select the processes best suited for your business. Most SAP Model Company services are interoperable to provide a highly tailorable capability.

Explore purchasing options群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

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SAP Model Company, trial edition群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Get one click access to your own fully working SAP Model Company service and test drive industry or line of business processes for thirty days.

SAP Model Company群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP Model Company services are available for specific industries and lines of business,.

Compare purchasing options群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选


SAP Model Company, trial edition


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SAP Model Company

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License terms 30-day test drive Unlimited
Number of users Up to 10 users/roles Unlimited
Industry and LoB coverage Limited to Finance, Connected Manufacturing, R&D/Engineering & Sustainability, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Logistics Execution, Industrial Machinery and Components, Oil and Gas and Shared Services Full SAP Model Company portfolio
Full process scope of services Included Included
Access to pre-configured SAP Model Company systems Included Included
Documentation scope Limited (processes only) Full
Documentation tool SAP Solution Manager or offline version SAP Solution Manager
Configuration Not included Included
Prototyping Not included Included
Orientation session? Remote (limited to 2 hours?) Full handover sessions included
Customer support Environment support only (no content support) Content only except in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud environment (full support)
Updates Driven by SAP Upon customer request
Hosting SAP environment SAP, select cloud offerings, or on-premise
Q&A session Included in orientation session Two 2-hour sessions
Customization access Not included Included
Data migration scope Not included Included
Testing scope Not included Included

Additional Resources群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

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Additional service packages群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Combine?the SAP Model Company service with SAP Value Assurance or SAP Advanced Deployment service packages to?minimize the risks associated with digital transformation.?

Get the latest news and trends from experts群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Connect with us群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

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