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Application Development and Integration

Foster enterprise application development and integration with scalable and intelligent capabilities.

SAP Cloud Platform

Power agile business process innovation in the cloud.


Premiering June 15–19, 2020.

Keep the business moving

Learn what SAP is doing to help employees and businesses in this time of global disruption.

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Build a foundation for an intelligent enterprise群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Modernize business processes and better serve customers with an open platform that enables you to choose from the latest cloud-native technologies and major hyper-scaler infrastructures.

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of executives believe that IT must shift from support to value creation within five years.

Mckinsey survey, IT’s Future Value Proposition, July 2017
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Integrate applications on premise and in the cloud, while securely connecting people, processes, data, and devices.

Simplify enterprise integration

Choose from multicloud and hybrid environments

Gain real-time, trusted access to SAP and non-SAP data

Get preconfigured business process integrations and third-party open connectors

Leverage the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Learn more about integration
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Enterprise Extensions群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Extend SAP solutions in a fast and agile way without disrupting key business processes.

Develop robust and scalable cloud-native applications quickly

Extend solutions as key differentiators

Create innovative ways to operate more efficiently

Serve the needs of employees and customers better

Leverage SAP Cloud Platform capabilities for enterprise extensions

Browse our SAP Cloud Platform extension services


share of total addressable IT market fulfilled by cloud by 2020.

Gartner, Gartner Says Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market to Grow 18 Percent in 2017, Feb 2017

Turn your data into business value群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Application development and integration solutions are a core part of the Business Technology Platform, providing ways to extend, integrate, and build applications for better business outcomes.

Connected and enhanced business processes群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Leverage proven business expertise and understanding of SAP landscapes to integrate, extend, and optimize business processes.

Engaging digital experiences群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Provide consistent and compelling digital experiences across business processes, improving user engagement and productivity.

Simplified data-driven insights群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Harness the value of data and transform it into valuable insights to improve business performance and quickly seize new opportunities.

Innovation on multiple clouds群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Stay agile and flexible with the ease of centrally developing, deploying, and managing innovation across multiple clouds.

Fast-track your Business Technology Platform journey with SAP Cloud Platform群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Power agile business process innovation in the cloud群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP Cloud Platform helps users achieve business process excellence, deliver engaging digital experiences, and simplify data-driven innovation with a multicloud architecture.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Get started with application development and integration 群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Bridging the worlds of IT and business users群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Find out how SAP Cloud Platform brings IT and business users together from analyst Dion Hinchcliffe and Gunther Rothermel.

Using intelligent processes to differentiate businesses群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

See how new technologies for process mining and monitoring enable transparency into as-is processes and real-time operational process performance management.?

Digital platforms drive business success群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Find out how Digital platforms drive business success, innovation, agility, and an exceptional customer experience in this executive briefing paper by MIT Technology Review Insights.

Questions? Get in touch!群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

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