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Quality at SAP


Quality from our customers’ perspective群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

Every SAP employee has a quality assurance role, whether developing software or providing services and support. We cooperate closely with customers, partners, and suppliers, and regularly monitor our customers’ perception of our quality. Our quality culture is based on employee commitment, and we use innovative methods to support continuous product, process, and service quality improvement.

Our quality management systems群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

We have a quality management system in place that defines standardized processes for our organizations Global Development, Services,?and IT. These globally applicable processes enable our employees to share and apply best practices to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

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SAP Global Development群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP Global Development ensures that SAP solutions meet the highest
possible standards. Our product quality standards are derived from ISO 25010 software quality model.?

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Services and Support from SAP群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP provides tailored services to maintain the quality of installed solutions.

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SAP IT群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

SAP IT ensures the quality and stability of SAP’s internal IT infrastructure.

SAP Quality Awards群英会选号技巧,山东群英会任二绝招,山东群英会顺一如何选

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The SAP Quality Awards celebrate customers who have excelled in the implementation of their SAP software solutions.?

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